Swachhta Pakhwara

08/01/2018 to 08/15/2018

Swachhta Pakhwara was celebrated from 1st August, 2018 to 15th August,2018 in a befitting manner by NSS . Swachhta Shapath oath was administered to 798491 male and 582613 female NSS volunteers by Vice-Chancellors, Coordinators and NSS Programme Officers of 381 Universities, 15708 Institutions and 192 schools/+2 council and Directorate. All NSS units actively participated in cleaning of their institutions like classrooms, laboratories, libraries, toilets, playgrounds, lawns, roads etc. Door to door campaign was organized in 10592 adopted villages/slums , 8000 villages/ slums were made aware about ODF, 262406 leaflets were distributed about awareness. Approximately 706986 NSS volunteers participated in the awareness generation Programme. Approximately 1750023 people were made aware about cleanliness so that they understand the dignity of labour and develop a habit of keeping their surroundings clean. 461211 NSS volunteers were involved in the Programme. 701218 NSS Volunteers participated in cleaning of hospitals, dispensaries, community centers, old age homes, historical places, orphanages, centers for disabled, rehab centers , railway stations, bus stops and statues, market places etc from 11- 13 August, 2018. Approximately 1635502 man hours were devoted. 2682 cities and 27286 villages were covered by rallies taken by 667697 NSS volunteers. 10183 meetings were conducted under the chairmanship of the head of the institution for future plans of sustaining cleanliness. 673960 NSS volunteers participated in the meetings.